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Fitness Center PPC Case Study
August 22, 2022
Personal Trainer (Online)
August 22, 2022

**Due to employer rights, companies name and some data have been tampered

Fitness Frenchise (United Sates)
This client wished to remain anonymous due to the fact that they are a very large brand and player in the fitness industry. The company does large media buys for affiliate leads and wanted to set-up their own search marketing campaign and leverage Google’s massive search volume for the space. We had to really put our thinking caps on for this one as the online booking system is massively competitive with such large brands like Orange Theory, Planet Fitness, F45 Training, etc.

Within the first 24 days (May) , our campaign generated 279 leads ($16.16 per lead). *(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget. Bigger budgets get bigger results)*


Our Proven High Converting Gym Landing Page To Drive Inbound Phone Calls And Form Submissions:

[Identifying Information Has Been Blurred For Client Protection]


AdWords Campaign Data & Call Tracking Lead Data:


Our Approach & Strategy

Since we already have a lot of fitness business clients, our strategy was simple. Use the existing data we have for successful clients who are just in a different location and apply that to this client. Areas of focus for the client were: to implement our proven campaign, implement our proven high converting landing page and to manage the campaign as we know how to. gym is one niche where we can rinse and repeat to get as many gyms cases as our client wants.