Lead Generation Campaigns for +40 Locations

Local Lead Generation
April 25, 2022
Re-engineering of Google Account
February 24, 2021
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**Due to employer rights, companie's name and some data has been tampered
This project was designed for an Illinois-based fitness chain with more than 40 studios across the United States. The goal of the project was to increase the number of leads for the sales team. To increase campaign performance and based on past data, the landing page was redesigned to improve conversion rate. After designing the search campaign, the retargeting campaigns were designed to bring back people who visited the site but have not yet converted. The campaign targeted users again on Facebook and related banner sites. Finally, this project has increased the number of leads to 62% to date and has led to a 32% increase in sales in the branches. The most important steps taken by Google Ads for this project:
• Optimize the campaign that was previously designed for this site
• Keyword research and competitor analysis
• Optimize conversion rates from 4% to 9.5%
• ROI: 6900%
Industry: Fitness
Report: Dashboard design, daily
Project duration: - r
Tactics: search network, Display Banner, Facebook